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Through the experiences of family life we seek to grow closer Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, but we do seek perfection – the perfection of discipleship, friendship and love. This can only be done by surrendering ourselves to Jesus Christ, faithfully obeying the guidance of Holy Mother Church and wholeheartedly searching for the truth in all things. The Holy Family is the paradigm of what we desire our school of the family to be. They teach us that the only avenue to the heights of such holiness is by reflecting God’s covenantal love by means of lives united to the Cross of Christ.

As we seek to climb this narrow road we wish to share with you family moments, book suggestions, prayer requests, theological reflections, resources for homeschooling, sustainability and much more.  It is our hope that this will hopefully give a small ounce of evidence to the world that in this small corner of it, the school of the family is alive and well.  Join us in this great mission as we delve always deeper into love, learning and life.


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The School of the Family?

“The School of the Family, by Chantal Howard, is an intimate and captivating memoir of how wonderful Catholic Family can be when lived out as God designed.  The personal story, practical tips, fabulous quotes from scripture, wise scholars, and saints, are all valuable tools for any family striving to live holiness in their home and community.  I highly recommend, In the School of the Family, for  all parents interested in growing spiritually.  My own family has been challenged by the pearls of wisdom and fabulous insights within…”

 -- Michaelann Martin, mother of eight and renowned Catholic author and speaker 


Chantal’s deeply personal book shows how the “ordinary” life of a family is penetrated throughout by extraordinary grace.  She paints a picture of the family that resonates with our deep longing for love, for God, for home, all while laying out a practical plan for renewal in the heart of your own family.

-- Chris Stefanick, Catholic youth and young adult speaker and author


I've read plenty of books written by older women who have homeschooled, but I've never read -- or ever seen -- a book written by a young woman who has been homeschooled, and is choosing to homeschool her own children. Frankly, I was intrigued to discover how someone with such an extraordinary family, strong faith and beautiful soul developed -- and how I could possibly guide my children to be like her!

-- Annamarie Adkins, homeschooling mother and freelance journalist for ZENIT


“Chantal Howard’s book is a sweet surprise. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Besides her timely wisdom about faith and family, she tells a great story. And why not? She has lived it.”

-- Dale Ahlquist, President, American Chesterton Society

“I cannot express how inspired I was reading "The School of the Family" by Chantal Howard. This book exemplifies what it means to raise your children, and to create and promote beauty and holiness into a home. I plan on telling everyone I know about this wonderful treasure, and I hope to pass on Chantal's words of wisdom and testimony of faith, which can only be described as blessed. “

-- Kelly Sundstrom, Glenwood Springs, CO

“You packed in so many lovely and timely quotes from Popes and theologians, alongside wisdom that I wish the world could learn to embrace. I will be praying that your book gets into the right hands so that God may use it to change lives. “

-- Maura, Steubenville, OH

“I just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it and felt like I was in your family living room...Thank you for that book!!!

-- Fr. John-Therese, The Community of St. John

I feel I know you from your book.  Thank you so much for finding time to write it, which must have been challenging at times. I just felt I needed to write to you and thank you in person, as on the second reading of it (I read it too fast the first time...!) I feel as though God's challenges in my life are now fitting into place.  I think your wise words of 'Love is a decision, not a feeling.' have possibly given me the incentive to really try harder at my marriage, as well as other aspects of my life. 

-- Becky,England

Your heartfelt honesty made this book “real” and has helped propel us in our faith.

--Courtney La Mar


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“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”  

~John Paul II

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